You are here: What is the Discount amount?

The discount amount is either a specific dollar amount or a percentage that will be taken off of an item. This value displays in the Discount box on the Sales Invoice window. The discount may be automatically calculated using the hierarchy below.

  1. If the workstation is set up to use retail price at point of sale on the Work Station window, the difference between the Retail price and Ourprice values on the Enter New Inventory window displays as the Discount value.
  2. If the customer account is set up on the Customer Defaults window or the Add/Change Customer window - Billing tab with an automatic discount on the type of inventory being purchased, that value displays as the Discount value.
  3. If the item is marked as a sale item on the Maintain Parameters for Upcoming Sales window, and this sale is taking place during the dates and times the item is marked down, the value entered in the % box displays as the Discount value. A sale discount always overrides all price and discount levels.
  4. If the item is set up with a quantity discount on the SA Inventory Maintenance window - Detail Info tab, and the conditions for receiving the discount are met, the discount value is automatically calculated and displays as the Discount value.

If both #2 and #4 are true, the two discounts are added together and the total displays as the Discount value on the Sales Invoice window.