Active-e Services

Active-e Services

Active-e is what extends AIM to the outside world, including websites, mobile applications and 3rd party developers.

With Active-e you can provide your customers options to:

  • make payments
  • view account history
  • schedule lessons
  • rent inventory
  • receive mobile notifications
  • you can also integrate with e-commerce
  • connect with suppliers to check availability and pricing
  • run credit checks and so much more!

  • Pointy
    Pointy allows you to display your products on your Business Profile on Google. Shoppers can easily browse your product offerings and identify your store as a preferred buying option.
    Call to order - 800-670-1736
  • Reverb
    AIM Active-e Integration with Reverb
    Call to order - 800-670-1736
  • Service Tickets
    Service Tickets
    AIM Short Term Rental Connection.
    Call to order - 800-670-1736
  • Shippo
    Shippo integrates and partners with major shippers and e-commerce platforms to streamline the order fulfillment process.
    Call to order - 800-670-1736
  • Smart eTailing
    Smart eTailing
    AIM to Smart ETailing Integration
    Call to order - 800-670-1736
  • SmartWaiver
    Integration with SmartWaiver for customized legally binding waivers
    Call to order - 800-670-1736
  • Supplier Connections
    Supplier Connections

    Connect with suppliers to check availability, pricing and...

    Call to order - 800-670-1736
  • Teacher Zone
    Teacher Zone
    Track customer lesson scheduling and payment history
    Call to order - 800-670-1736
  • Tee-Sheet

    Easily manage the 24/7 online booking while collecting customer information.

    Call to order - 800-670-1736
  • The Biking Solution
    The Biking Solution
    Export and transmit customer and sales transactions to TBS.
    Call to order - 800-670-1736
  • Vortx Ecommerce
    Vortx Ecommerce

    Ecommerce integration, publish inventory from AIM to AIMStorefront and import sales. Show available inventory by location.

    Call to order - 800-670-1736