AIMsi - Accounting Inventory Management System Integration

Point of Sale Retail Software

All POS software solutions offer inventory management, sales tracking and customer loyalty programs. AIMsi offers all of that plus features to build a complete business solution – ALL IN ONE SYSTEM!
Use just the basics or take advantage of integrated add-ons such as purchase orders, accounts payable and general ledger to build a more complete solution.


Integration Services

Provide your customers with online shopping options through Active-e, our e-commerce solution. Fully integrated with AIMsi, your online inventory synchronizes with your in-store inventory as customers make purchases. Add B2B to connect with your suppliers and check their available stock and pricing. Add C2B and your customers can view account history and make online payments.

PCPoll Electronic Cash Register

ECR Software

Businesses of all sizes, from mom-and-pops to large franchise operations, can benefit from PC>Poll polling and programming software. PC>Poll collects electronic cash register (ECR) information that you can view, print and export from your computer for review. You can also use PC>Poll to maintain register programs right from your desk using a keyboard and mouse.



Retail businesses of all types can build the POS solution they need with our customizable software. AIMsi not only has a robust and dynamic feature set; it also has the ability to integrate seamlessly with our many add-on modules to create the perfect solution. Our software is ideal for many different specialty stores, including those that have a service department, rent inventory, provide lessons, offer sales contracts and warranties and more. No matter your industry, our flexible software will help you manage your business with greater ease and efficiency. While AIMsi is not industry specific, below are examples of industries that currently use our software.



Tri-Tech understands the importance of having customer support with retail industry experience along with knowledge of software, hardware and networking for our users. With your initial purchase of AIMsi the first 45 days of Maintenance is free. After the initial 45 days, continuing with a Maintenance Plan will ensure that your access to our experienced support team remains, along with access to our member portal, ability to download updates and receive discounts on major version upgrades.

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