AIMIA Instructor Aide (Lessons)

Price: $445.00
Features of the Lesson Scheduling & Billing module include: Allows for flexible billing. Each student might be billed differently, i.e. one student pays weekly, one student pays monthly, still another student pays by the term. Allows for flexible scheduling. One student may take multiple lessons in one week. Each lesson may be at a different time, with a different instructor and in a different area. You have the ability to specify whether or not you want to allow schedule conflicts. If a schedule conflict occurs, you may quickly determine the student already scheduled at that time and whether the conflict is of type 'instructor' or 'area'. View the lesson schedule for a day, by instructor or area. Specify the time increment you would like the schedule to appear with (i.e. 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, etc.). Mark a student absent, selecting a pre-established code that specifies whether the absence is excused or unexcused. Schedule temporary schedule changes such as make-up lessons. Establish group lessons. Charge students for lessons and enter payments as they are received. Pay instructors according to the pre-established amount or percentage of student rate that goes to the instructor. Print an attendance sheet for the instructor. Add notes to schedule records, either directly onto the schedule or while on the student record. Run a report showing total lesson income and amounts paid to the instructor. Run a report showing amounts owed by the students and amounts owed to the instructor. View the complete history of any student, at any time. View the complete history of any instructor, at any time. Track repertoire and grading of each lesson. Mark a student as inactive but keep the history in order to re-activate the student at a later date if necessary. Quickly cancel a group lesson, removing the group lesson from the schedule and removing the students from the group lesson. This is an add on module, AIM basic Package is required.

Model: AIMIA
Manufacturer: Tri-Tech