Tri-Tech Tri-Tech FORMS PLUS Direct Thermal Tags, Laser Printer Tags

Manufacturer Part #:  FORMSPLUS

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Forms Plus is one of the largest tag distributors in the US and Canada for consignment shops. Through Forms Plus, we offer Direct Thermal Tags, Laser Inkjet Tags to work with Consignment Success and Consignment Ease (previously known as Best Consignment Software) and our POS printer options.

Tags for Consignment Success and Consignment Ease

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Direct Thermal Tags
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Laser Printer Tags


Direct Thermal Tags are specifically designed for those using our Zebra thermal printers.
Size: 1.1875” x 3.375” – 1000 tags per roll – 4 rolls per box – 4000 tags per box in 18 different colors.

Laser Printer Tags are specifically designed to be used with laser/inkjet printers.
Size: 4.25” x 1” – 20 tags / sheet – 100 sheet packs – 2 pack minimum orders – 2000 same color tags – 15 colors

Manufacturer: Tri-Tech