Keep accurate records of all your short-term rentals by customer or inventory item.

Retailers that rent inventory on a short-term (hourly, daily, weekend or weekly) basis know that it is crucial to keep accurate records of the entire rental process: who needs what, when and for how long.  Short-Term Rentals automates this process, enabling you to quickly determine the inventory out on rent and when it is due back.

  • Reserve inventory for a future short-term rental, specifying a pick-up date and time and a return date and time. 
  • Warn staff members if an item on reserve is about to be reserved for someone else on overlapping dates or times. 
  • Pull a reservation into a short-term rental when the inventory is picked up or delivered.
  • View availability by category, subcategory, model, SKU and more.
  • Collect a deposit at the time of the reservation and refund or apply it when the inventory is picked up.
  • Capture credit card information for security deposits.
  • Run reports of all outstanding short-term rentals or just those that have not been returned by the specified return date.
  • Extend the due date, collecting additional money if required.
  • Add late charges when necessary.
  • Take advantage of AIM's integration with Quickbooks.