Powerful system to manage the contact between your business and customers/prospective customers.

Contact Management is used to manage the contact between your store and customers and prospective customers. Call to actions can be added to act as reminders to perform a certain action with a customer on a certain date. The actions might be as diverse as calling to notify of an upcoming sale, calling because a payment was promised and not received or following up with a potential customer. The Contact Management system may also be used as an internal calendar for management and employees.  You will have a better organized staff if the Contact Management system is used to its fullest potential.

  • Create complete customer and prospective customer records, including note capabilities with date/time stamps for progress tracking.
  • Establish action codes to automatically trigger call back, information follow-up or other critical steps in servicing your customer base.
  • Allows for daily, weekly and monthly views of upcoming activities.
  • Offers fast, powerful searches to instantly search by company, contact, keywords or several other key identifying fields.
  • Generate reports for daily call logs, first time calls and follow-ups.
  • Track customer delinquencies and promise to pay follow-ups.