Frequently Asked Questions


Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions about AIMsi. 

  • Will AIMsi run across a Wide Area Network (WAN)?

    Yes. Currently we have retailers running it over Remote Desktop Services and Citrix.
  • Are there permissions that can be set within the software?

    Yes, AIMsi allows the setup of groups much like Windows security to grant permissions to modules, reports and actions such as viewing cost.
  • What are the system requirements to run AIMsi?

    A complete list of system requirements can be found by System Requirements.
  • Will AIMsi run under a variety of networks?

    The software can be installed and run on Windows Server 2008+ / Windows 7+. Linux can be used as a server but AIMsi will not run on it.
  • Is there security so I can block certain employees from seeing vendor cost, ledger, etc?

    AIMsi encompasses a very powerful security menu that will allow you to block specific employees or groups of employees from certain menu options.
  • Does the software need to be installed on all machines?

    AIMsi is installed only on the server. All other machines access the application from the server through the network.