Connect with AIM on the go

with Tri-Tech's AIM Mobile App

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AIM Mobile

AIM Mobile is an iOS or Android app that connects to AIM. It can be downloaded to tablets or phones for use by your employees and staff.

This mobile app will honor all your pre-established security settings for employees, as well as customer-specific details like proper discounts and pricing that you have already set up in AIM.



What can employees do once they download the app & sign in?*

  • Point of Sale
  • Pick Orders
  • Enter Rental Contracts
  • Contracts Fulfillment
  • Scheduled Contract Returns
  • Inventory History
  • Edit Inventory
  • Search Inventory
  • Inventory Transfer Request
  • Physical Inventory
  • Physical Inventory Spot Check
  • Delivery Tickets
  • Quick Scan
  • Transfer Store to Store
  • Receive Store Transfers
  • Scan for Import
  • Teacher's View of Schedule
  • Customer History
  • Analytic Charts
  • Repair Service Check In
  • View Reports
  • Clock In/Clock Out
  • Temp Security Overrides

*Access dependent upon AIM security & account settings!

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Why AIM Mobile App?

  • Fast, secure, and convenient!
  • Mobile point of sale! Ring up sales while customers wait in line, suspend the sale for completion at register!
  • Take your tablet(s) to rental night and enter contracts!
  • No need to wait for a register to see what's in stock.
  • See how sales are performing with analytic reports.
  • Scan that mysterious product with a phone and find out why it's there, where it came from and its price.
  • Your instructors can check their class schedule while on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about AIM Mobile? Find answers here or reach out to our team.

AIM Mobile is a monthly service of $23 + $2 per workstation.

Call sales at 800-670-1736 and get signed up today.

Once you've gone through the setup, you'll create a QR code to be scanned with your phone.

AIM v12, and an API computer