Start here, and take your business anywhere. AIM point of sale retail software unleashes new potential for owners and staff running any-size business with innovative, full-service POS solutions. From our basic package with must-have features to an expansive list of add-ons, AIM has the right tools to help you streamline efficiency in every aspect of business and retail management.

Seasoned retailers like Dean Hertert depend on Tri-Tech for everything from inventory management to finances and supplier relations. Running what’s been voted the best bike shop in Dayton, OH, was a challenge for Dean — until he found AIM. As CFO of K&G Bike Center, he now operates his business as a seamless entity with full control of all backend operations, and he couldn’t do it without Tri-Tech's robust POS capabilities.

Start with the Basics: Explore Base Package Features

The AIM base package includes the essential components you need to take your POS operations to the next level. In addition to inventory and point of sale features, our software provides end-to-end solutions — from the licensing to get you up and running to extensive customer management, scheduling and labeling tools.

    Full-Service POS Features
  • Process small ticket sales in seconds using the Quick Sale feature.
  • Suspend and recall sales.
  • Charge to balance invoicing or house charges.
  • Specify sales by date range and inventory category to apply automatic discounts.
  • Access inventory details across all locations for availability and pricing information.
  • Search for customers and scan loyalty cards to view or create new customer accounts.
  • Include taxable and tax-exempt line items on the same invoice.
  • Complete multiple transactions at POS for a single customer, collecting payment just once. This includes sales, demos, special orders, rental contracts and more.
  • Run sales reports and show gross margin percentages for commission purposes.
  • Track split sales and apply different commission percentages to each salesperson.
  • Enter a proposal now; turn it into a sale later.
  • Track inventory sent out as a demo; turn it into a sale once it returns.
  • Track layaways, trade-ins and consignments and buy outright items.
  • Establish package deals for special sales pricing and ease of processing.
  • Create a table of suggestive add-on sales.
  • Monitor sales dollars in accordance with preset purchase orders and their limits.
  • Create a table of messages to standardize invoice and gift receipt printing.
  • Offer customers unlimited payment tenders per sales transaction with integrated credit and debit card processing. Credit card processor is required.
    Inventory Management Made Easy
  • Track all inventory types: serialized, print, accessories, supplies, package deals and kits.
  • Run reports by type of inventory: sales, cost of goods, gross profit, average inventory, inventory turns, sales as a percentage of total sales, gross margin return and more.
  • Display entire sales, rental, transfer, repair and approval history of any inventory item.
  • Track inventory items returned to vendors for repair or replacement.
  • Track floor plan inventory items as in stock or sold.
  • Set up a standard unit of measure for purchasing and selling.
  • Establish minimum selling prices by model or individual SKU number. Sales discounts are automatically taken at POS during specified dates and times.
  • Establish up to six prices on inventory items, specified by the workstation or customer.
  • Count physical inventory quickly and easily with handheld store floor data collectors.
  • Optimize inventory using the color and size matrix.
  • Establish minimum and maximum quantities with automatic inventory optimization.
    Simplified Barcode Labeling
  • Create barcode labels for all inventory items or select items that are not pre-barcoded.
  • Print as new inventory is received, or within a designated date range.
  • Label by inventory type or by invoice.
  • Customize label format by inventory type.
    Connect with Your Customers
  • Maintain a complete customer history, accessible any time.
  • Specify customer notes that pop up when a customer is selected.
  • Add an unlimited number of shipping addresses.
  • Set up automatic billing for accounts.
  • View or print a complete customer history.
  • Record drivers' license information when needed.
  • Establish automatic discounts or price levels for certain customers.
  • Associate salespeople with customer accounts.
  • Perform reverse phone number lookups.
  • Create customer loyalty programs.
  • Manage invoicing and house charges.
  • List top customers by dollars spent.
  • Review sales analyses sorted by customer behaviors.
  • Merge with mail services to print letters and labels.
    Robust Reporting Capabilities
  • Leverage an extensive report library to review staff performance, inventory and more.
  • Use the report wizard to create your own custom reports.
  • UView, print and export report output to a variety of format types.
  • UCreate customer lists for targeted marketing.
  • UFilter by demographics such as customer type, zip code and sales information.
    Manage Your Team Like a Pro
  • Control employee activity in AIM with powerful security features.
  • Establish security groups to block select employees from confidential information.
  • Block employees from performing certain functions, like selling items below the minimum selling price.
  • Record hours worked, vacations, sick days and leaves with the Employee Time Clock.
  • Add notes for specific employees or all employees to read when clocking in or out.
  • Analyze sales by time, salesperson performance, audit reports and more.
    The Gift of Digital Convenience
  • Create custom-branded electronic gift cards, renewable money cards and loyalty cards with your logo front and center.
  • Track gift certificate and prepaid money card balance.
  • Manage merchandise return credit and other store credits.
    Licensed to Grow
  • The AIM Base Package includes these nine tech-forward features, plus:
  • One single location, one workstation license
  • Additional licenses available for purchase
  • Two months of our premium maintenance plan
  • One online training

Maximize AIM’s Potential with Add-On Features

Capitalize on your niche industry with custom add-ons that simplify lessons, rentals, repairs and more. Our module-based interface allows you to only buy what you need, so you can piece together a strategic POS software that aligns with your business’s unique retail demands.

    Purchase Order Add-on
  • Enter special orders for customers, then convert them into sales once received.
  • List special orders that have been received but not yet invoiced to the customer.
  • Transfer special-order items that haven’t been received to new or existing orders.
  • Transfer special-order items to your available stock once you receive them.
  • Cancel, reorder or keep new purchase orders open in the event of back orders.
  • View the monthly sales history of any item upon ordering.
  • Compare best accessories prices among multiple vendors; change vendors as needed.
  • Change prices and other information when receiving.
  • Generate reports for order status, back orders and suggested inventory.
  • Print barcodes as you receive purchase order inventory. Barcode printer is required.
  • Print pick lists.
  • Quickly change order, customer and stock shipping addresses.
  • Electronically transfer order, invoice and product availability information with EDI.
    Accounts Payable Add-on
  • Establish up to two levels of discounts on invoices; the best discount available will automatically be used to pay invoices.
  • Pay invoices individually, by vendor or by date.
  • Track COD checks written to vendors.
  • Enter credit memos.
  • Display inventory transferred back to vendors and make cost adjustments.
  • Display a monthly vendor cost analysis for any 12-month period.
  • Consolidate multiple invoices into one for term payments or dating.
  • Print checks from AIM or post manually written checks.
  • View purchase order information when entering invoices.
  • Make cost adjustments to received items.
  • Void checks with ease.
  • Set up multiple checking accounts.
  • Generate invoice aging reports.
    General Ledger Add-on
  • Access complete Chart of Accounts and Control Tables, which may be changed to accommodate the accounting procedures established by you or your accounting firm.
  • Analyze inventory turns and gross profit.
  • Print check registers per checking account and cancel cleared checks in one step.
  • Save ledger details when a month is closed out and maintain them for a full year.
  • Print financial and budget statements by department and store location.
  • Compare the current year to the prior year on the income statement.
  • Create your own income statements with AIM's month-end templates.
  • Generate a monthly tax report showing total taxable sales, tax exempt sales and the sales tax payable for any period.
  • Track ledger discrepancies with discrepancy reports.
  • Take advantage of AIM's ability to export journal entries to Quickbooks™.
    Email Add-on
  • Email correspondences or reports from AIM to customers, vendors and employees.
  • Create and transfer templated sales material, letters and labels from Microsoft Word.
  • Create HTML emails, then send to select customers in AIM.
  • Email receipts, invoices, statements, purchase orders and notices, such as reminding customers of their order status.
    Contact Management Add-on
  • Create complete customer and prospective customer records.
  • Note capabilities with date and time stamps for progress tracking.
  • Establish action codes to automatically trigger a call back, follow-up another critical step in servicing your customer base.
  • View daily, weekly and monthly calendars of upcoming activities.
  • Search by company, contact, keywords and several other key identifying fields.
  • Generate reports for daily call logs, first-time calls and follow-ups.
  • Track customer delinquencies and promise-to-pay follow-ups.
    Short-Term Rentals Add-on
  • Reserve inventory for future short-term rentals with specified pickup and return times.
  • Warn staff members if reserved items have overlapping dates and times.
  • Full reservations into short-term rentals when inventory is picked up or delivered.
  • View availability by category, subcategory, model, SKU and more.
  • Collect deposits upon reservation and refund them when the inventory is picked up.
  • Capture credit card information for security deposits.
  • Run reports of all outstanding short-term rentals, or only those that have not been returned by the specified return date.
  • Extend rental due dates and add late charges when needed.
    Long-Term Rentals Add-on
  • Use multiple formulas to calculate payment credit on month-to-month rentals.
  • Track inventory coded as being out on rent and control late charge assessments.
  • Collect rental income and update the inventory record as payments are made.
  • Print coupon books or rental contract statements (MICR coupon availability).
  • Set up contracts for automatic monthly credit card or bank debit payments. Integrated credit card processing or Treasury Software is required.
  • Prepare delinquency notices on demand to improve your collections process.
  • Mark a contract for collection and halt activity or continue adding payments.
  • Exchange inventory on rentals.
  • Establish payoff discounts that are automatically calculated when viewing or posting.
  • Print purchase option letters.
    Lesson Scheduling Add-on
  • Create customized schedules that enable multiple lessons per week with different times, instructors and locations.
  • Bill on a flexible weekly, monthly, annual or term schedule.
  • Allow or deny scheduling conflicts by location, instructor or date.
  • Add, swap or remove students from group lessons.
  • Assign start and end dates and automatically remove students from the schedule after the set end date.
  • Define default time increments for lessons in 15-, 30- or 60-minute blocks.
  • Track attendance and select excused or unexcused absence reasons from a table.
  • Print attendance sheets for instructors.
  • Make temporary schedule changes, such as make-up lessons.
  • Invoice and enter payments from students as they are received.
  • Pay instructors in accordance with the percentage they earn from student payments.
  • Add notes directly to the schedule or student record.
  • Generate reports showing total lesson income and amounts paid to the instructor.
  • Offer customers an autopay option for lesson invoices. Integrated credit card processing or Treasury Software is required.
    Repair & Service Add-on
  • Prepare work tickets and generate estimates.
  • Track inventory loaned to the customer while the item is repaired.
  • Add multiple repair tickets to the same customer account without leaving the repair ticket window each time a new ticket is saved.
  • Set up a common repairs table, then select from the table when entering tickets.
  • Attach parts to repairs when implementing the common repairs table to save time.
  • View warranty information for items purchased or rented from your store.
  • Assign a technician to the service order.
  • Establish a recommended next-service date, as well as an automatic reminder letter.
  • Assign multiple tickets for a customer to a single, easily accessible master ticket.

AIM on the Go: Download the App

With AIM and Active-e, you can access POS solutions anywhere with AIM Mobile, our fast, convenient and secure app for iOS and Android. Track inventory, scan products, ring up sales from line and transfer from store to store — your existing AIM information will be waiting for you as soon as you log in.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, we currently have retailers running AIM through remote desktop services and Citrix™.

Yes, AIM allows group setups similar to Windows™ security to grant permissions for certain modules and reports. AIM also encompasses a powerful security menu that will allow you to block specific employees or groups from certain menu options, like viewing vendor costs.

Find a complete list of system requirements here.

The software can be installed and run on Windows Server 2012r and Win 8.1. Linux™ can be used as a server, but AIM will not run on it.

AIM is installed only on the server. All other machines access the application from the server through the local network.