PC>Poll is polling and programming software that helps businesses of all sizes, from mom and pop shops to franchisees with hundreds of locations, collect and utilize information from electronic cash registers (ECRs).


PC>Poll works with Casio, SAM4s, Sharp and TEC cash registers. The PC>Poll polling software also integrates with add-on modules for additional features thus allowing retailers, using electronic cash registers, to take complete control of their data.

PCPoll software allows you to:

  • Collect reports at your convenience.
  • Poll multiple registers.
  • Share data across network computers.
  • Reset (Z) your cash register from your office.
  • Program your cash register at your computer.
  • Link your cash register to other software products.
  • Turn your cash register and PC into a POS system.
  • Program PLUs rapidly with filters, searches, mass update, verify and mass create features.
  • Use your PC to manage your business, save time and increase profits.
  • Program and print color keyboard overlays.

    Collect reports


    Share Data




    Increase Profits


    POS system


    Manage Business


PC>Poll polling software is sold through a network of qualified cash register resellers.

Technical support for the PC>Poll line of software products is typically handled by the reseller.


V7 Polling

PC>Poll is polling and programming software that connects to electronic cash registers (ECRs). Register program data can be brought back to the PC and PC>Poll can be used to make additions and changes quickly and easily. Those changes can then be sent automatically to one or more stores. Report data can be collected, viewed, printed and even exported to other software modules. V7 PC>Poll works with CASIO, SAM4s, Sharp and Toshiba TEC America cash registers.

Features +
Archive Agent

Archive Agent is an add-on module that allows users to archive, restore and delete files from PC>Poll. This program helps users back up their data for file management and recovery purposes. Archive Agent also includes an auto run option, emailing, FTP and merge routines that make Archive Agent a complete solution.   

Features +
QuickBooks® Interface

The QuickBooks® interface is an add-on module that allows customers to convert their V7 Polling report data into a useable format for QuickBooks®. Transfer files are created that can be quickly imported into QuickBooks®. The interface can connect to Quickbooks® versions 2000-2017 (Standard, Pro and Premier versions only). *** Other versions may be compatible as long as they support the IIF import/export format.

Features +
XLS Wizard

The XLS Wizard is an add-on module to the PC>Poll software. The XLS Wizard accesses previously collected report data to create customized spreadsheet-style reports. Data can be summed over date ranges and broken down by daily shifts, entire days, weekly, monthly and even yearly totals. Totals can also consist of grand totals from multiple machines/store locations or be broken down on a per machine basis.   

Features +

PC/Capture turns your PC into a remote register printer. The software can collect both journal and report data, and also be used as a security monitor system for sales data. PC/Capture is a stand-alone product. PC>Poll is not required, but can be used in conjunction with PC/Capture.   

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