Companies large and small need a reliable electronic cash register (ECR) software to help them take complete control of their data. A standalone Tri-Tech solution, PC>Poll allows you to collect reports, poll registers, program PLUs and more in a fraction of the time. Store all your essential point-of-sale information in one PC system, compatible with multiple registers models, then personalize your software with strategic add-on modules.

Manage ECR Without Leaving the Office

PC>Poll empowers businesses with easy-to-use programming and reporting tools that save time and boost the bottom line. Leverage and program transactional data from multiple registers at once, right from your computer. Create PLU files in minutes — not hours or days. PC>Poll is the final stop in your journey toward company-wide, end-to-end POS integration.

  • Collect reports at your convenience.
  • Poll multiple registers at once.
  • Program and reset cash registers from your computer.
  • Share data across network computers.
  • Create PLUs with filters, searches, verify, mass update and mass create features.
  • Link your cash register to other software products.
  • Turn your cash register and PC into a POS system.
  • Program and print color keyboard overlays.
  • Use your PC to manage your business, save time and increase profits.

Interfaces and Add-ons: Realize PC>Poll’s Full Potential

We’re constantly enhancing PC>Poll’s tech-forward software and customizable add-ons to stay ahead of the curve in ECR programming and reporting. Explore the most recent version of the interface, as well as modules to simplify archiving, exporting, printing and more.

    V7 Polling Features
  • Multi-select programs to save or send with checkbox-style communication options.
  • Create scripts and schedules and set up calendars for automatic polling options.
  • Sort and search faster with user-defined classes.
  • Store previous reports for later printing, viewing and exporting with the All Polls grid.
  • Generate graphs based upon report data.
  • Quickly revisit recently used maintenance area programs.
  • Update and edit many items simultaneously with the Mass Update tool.
  • Rapidly generate hundreds of items with the Mass Create tool.
  • Design your own, flexible product sales in the PLU Sale area.
  • Print barcodes to Avery™ brand labels and barcode printers.
    Supported Registers
  • Casio: TE2200/TE2400, TE3000/TE4500, TE7000/TE8500, QT6000/QT6100/QT6600
  • SAM4s: 285, 320/340/345, 390M, 520/530, 650/650R/655II, 920/940/925/945, 1000, 5200M/5215M/5240M, 2000, 7000/7040,SAM4POS
  • Sharp: 410/420, 520/530, 600/700, 810/820, 3500
  • Toshiba TEC America: 1595, 1650
    Archive Agent Features
  • Connect Archive Agent to V7 Polling, PC/Capture, DenView500, QuickBooks™ Interface.
  • Archive, back-up and restore data based on a custom data location.
  • Delete data files.
  • Archive to a local directory or select a custom path, like a network drive or flash drive.
  • Email archives for help or troubleshooting to your dealer or Tri-Tech Tech Support. Support contract is required.
  • Email archives to another location for backup.
  • Email archives to corporate for corporate viewing.
  • Merge routine allows users to combine data from multiple locations.
    QuickBooks Interface Features
  • Use any or all of the following reports from V7 Polling to transfer data into QuickBooks:
    • PLU/UPC/Scan PLU
    • Time Keeping
    • Open Check/Customer/Check Track
    • Department/Group
    • Transaction/Financial
  • Note: All V7 supported electronic cash registers (ECRs) connect with the QuickBooks Interface. Other versions may be compatible if they support the IIF import/export format. Available reports vary based upon register feature sets.

    XLS Wizard Features
  • Customize previously collected report data.
  • Create single reports containing the data that is most important to your business.
  • Combine data from multiple reports onto one spreadsheet for fast and easy access.
  • Cut through excess information and display only what you want to see on demand.

Ready to Streamline ECR with PC>Poll?

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PC>Poll Downloads, Resources and Support

Download V7 Polling, PC/Capture and archived software.


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View PC>Poll V7 advancements and corrections by register build number.


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