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Point of Sale Retail Software

All POS software solutions offer inventory management, sales tracking and customer loyalty programs. AIM offers all of that plus features to build a complete business solution - ALL IN ONE SYSTEM!
Use just the basics or take advantage of integrated add-ons such as purchase orders, accounts payable and general ledger to build a more complete solution.

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Integration Services

Active-e is what extends AIM to the outside world, including websites, mobile applications such as AIM Mobile and 3rd party developers. With Active-e you can provide your customers options to make payments, view account history, schedule lessons, rent inventory, receive mobile notifications, you can also integrate with e-commerce, connect with suppliers to check availability and pricing, run credit checks and so much more!

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ECR Software

Businesses of all sizes, from mom-and-pops to large franchise operations, can benefit from PC>Poll polling and programming software. PC>Poll collects electronic cash register (ECR) information that you can view, print and export from your computer for review. You can also use PC>Poll to maintain register programs right from your desk using a keyboard and mouse.