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Elevate your POS and retail management system with end-to-end solutions built just for your business. We know what works well for one company may not for another — especially in specialized industries — which is why our suite of software is entirely customizable and module-based. AIM offers all the basics, plus a wide selection of add-ons tailored to your niche. Then, integrate with Active-e and leverage PC>Poll ECR software to further expand your POS capabilities.

Dean Hebert is one of many Tri-Tech clients who believes exceptional customer service sets us apart. As owner of K&G Bike Center, he has relied on our support team for over a decade to mitigate software issues with diligence, enthusiasm and a wealth of resources. This relationship has not only kept Dean’s operations running smoothly over the years, but also emboldened his confidence in using technology.

AIM Point of Sale Retail Software

AIM is the missing piece in your business’s POS. With inventory control, automated purchasing, customer management, sales reporting and more, this comprehensive solution serves as the home base for all your operational needs. The best part? It is module-based, so you can choose the services that make sense for your company. Start here, then add your favorite features for a personalized POS experience.

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Active-e Integration Services

Extend AIM’s potential to the outside world through websites, apps and third-party developers with Active-e, an integrated solution that keeps customers and vendors connected to all commerce operations. Publish inventory updates straight to your site. Keep track of purchasing behaviors. Receive electronic invoices. Active-e extends AIM to every digital touchpoint, so you can use one software to manage it all.

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AIM Mobile

Employees will enjoy using the AIM Mobile app for locating inventory, entering band rental contracts, line-busting, repair service check-ins,  and the list is growing! Instructors can look up their schedule from anywhere on their phone.

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PC>Poll ECR Software

From startups to franchises, every business deserves reliable electronic cash register (ECR) programming software to simplify record keeping. PC>Poll allows you to view, print and export all your ECR information, as well as manage register programs, with the touch of a button. Our standalone program works with nearly every major cash register model and does not require integrations with AIM and Active-e

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