Proudly Celebrating our 40th Anniversary!

What started as a single-industry software managed from Dave and Julie Cox’s kitchen has since evolved into a robust team of innovators providing a full spectrum of POS solutions for every specialty. No matter how much we grow, our humble roots keep us focused on what’s most important: supporting our customers’ needs while keeping them ahead of the curve in new technologies.

1984: The Launch

Dave Cox, innovator and family man, saw a need in the music industry for a point of sale, inventory management and accounting software. Tri-Tech and its original POS application named SoftMusic was born in 1984, and some of our first customers are still part of the Tri-Tech family today.

1995: Dave and Julie Build the Business

Dave spends his time on the road, working over 80 hours per week to grow the business by day and program the software by night. His wife Julie directs phone traffic and enters client data from the kitchen office.

2001: A New Name and Improved Interface

Now with a team of employees, Tri-Tech spends thousands of hours developing a new, Windows™-based product. The software meets a growing demand for POS solutions beyond the music industry and offers customizable modules. Accompanying this is a name change from SoftMusic to AIMsi (Accounting & Inventory Management systems integration). AIMsi grows with the needs of retailers, making it an industry leader in specialized solutions.

2005: With AIMsi v6, Active-e Is Born

Tri-Tech introduces Active-e, an e-commerce solution that gives traditional brick-and-mortar stores an online “showroom.” Built with time-savings in mind, Active-e integrates with AIMsi to seamlessly transfer inventory online without the hassle of retyping product descriptions, reloading images or reentering prices.

2006: Tri-Tech Acquires PC>Poll

The PC>Poll software provides polling and programming tools to help businesses collect and utilize information from electronic cash registers (ECRs). Like Tri-Tech, PC>Poll was launched in 1984 and follows a similar model of developing products with the user in mind. PC>Poll is available in all 50 states, as well as 20 countries worldwide.

2012: Tri-Tech Acquires CCE

Tri-Tech acquires Computer Consultants Exchange (CCE), authors of Consignment Ease and Consignment Success software, to expand AIMsi’s offerings to consignment and resale stores. Many existing CCE customers convert to AIMsi to take advantage of its complete accounting and consigned inventory management solution.

2014: Commemorating 30 Years

Since 1984, we have grown from a music POS software to a comprehensive business solution for retailers in various industries. Our offerings can be found in over 4,500 businesses in the U.S. and worldwide. Over the next 30 years, Tri-Tech plans to continue investing in research and development to bring new enhancements to its flagship software.

2018: AIMsi Releases v12

Leveraging the latest technology in software application development, Tri-Tech introduces v12 of AIMsi. This version uses an SQL server as its database structure, which offers more security, stability and speed. As a cutting-edge upgrade to versions one through 11, version 12 rewrites and transforms the software to offer customers even more innovative features and flexibility.

2020: AIMsi Is Renamed to AIM

The name-change from AIMsi to AIM highlights Tri-Tech's rebranding efforts after the release of v12, designed to not only shorten the name and modernize the logo, but also to alleviate confusion with the pronunciation of AIMsi. Though the name has changed, our solutions and customer support remain at the same exceptional level of quality.

2024: 40th Anniversary

A year to celebrate! 40 years of serving the retail industry and continuing the tradition of innovation. The development of AIM Mobile is in full swing, providing added value to the ever-evolving Tri-Tech solutions.


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