AIM has already transformed the way you manage inventory, payments, lessons, rentals and more — now, it’s time to connect your customers and vendors to its comprehensive features. Active-e POS integration extends AIM’s capabilities to the outside world, merging with websites, mobile apps and third-party developers through a single, easy-to-use system.

Mister Guns is a two retail location shop and range in Plano, Texas, they chose AIM as they feel it is one of the only competitors in the market that really has an inclusive system that you can realistically integrate and effectively run a business that is scalable.


Customer, Communication and e-Commerce Services

Active-e turns AIM’s backend operations into tangible customer functions, integrating each step of the e-commerce process to save you time. Monitor service tickets, rentals and memberships with a click. Publish and import sales, inventory and order information straight to your site. Our industry-leading system boosts efficiency for a streamlined customer experience.

Bring the Backend to the Forefront

  • Publish live inventory updates from AIM to your e-commerce site.
  • Import sales information into AIM.
  • Import orders from third-party platforms, such as Amazon™ and eBay™.
  • Accept payments for open accounts, layaways, contracts and service tickets.
  • View account history, including invoices, rental contracts and special orders.
  • Standardize short- and long-term rental processes.
  • Send phone and SMS messages to your customers.
  • Send push notifications to mobile devices.
  • Enable customers to sign up for memberships.
  • Initiate service tickets and approve service ticket estimates.
  • Add and update credit card information.
  • Schedule group and private lessons.
  • Store credit card tokens from your processing partner.
  • Connect with learning software, such as Reverb™ and TeacherZone™.
  • Connect with e-commerce software, such as Shippo™, Local Inventory on Google and Locally™.
  • Connect with shooting sport software, such as Gunbroker™ and NASGW Scope CLX™.

Vendor Services

Maintaining constant communication with vendors can be a challenge, especially when critical inventory is on the line. Fully integrated with AIM, Active-e brings these interactions to the digital age with electronic purchase orders, invoices, availability updates and more. Minimize ordering errors and supply chain delays to keep your business operating at peak capacity through our comprehensive, automated software.

Simplify Vendor Relations

  • Update supplier catalogs with new items, price changes and discontinued items.
  • Download SKU numbers, images, product descriptions and MSRPs from vendors.
  • Set up price relation percentages for each of your AIM prices.
  • Round your prices to the nearest .05, .95 or .99 with price-rounding rules.
  • View vendor images from AIM.
  • Send electronic purchase orders to your vendors with immediate confirmation.
  • Receive accounts payable invoices electronically.
  • Check supplier availability before submitting purchase orders to let customers know when to expect their product.
  • Request advanced shipping notices (ASN) from suppliers once an order ships.
  • Perform credit checks.
  • Integrate with SmartWaiver™ to manage waivers electronically.
  • Integrate with Fastbound™ shooting sport e-commerce platform.

Enhance the Online Shopping Experience with AIMStorefront

Why build your own storefront interface when our partners at Vortx™ can take the hard work off your hands? AIMstorefront is a secure, bootstrap-responsive shopping cart that ensures your inventory is always up to date, regardless of where a sale takes place.

This solution, powered by AIM and Active-e, provides customers with secure access to an online account where they can make payments, update credit card information and review their account history. Vortx maintains privacy, accessibility and functionality behind the scenes to keep you ahead of the curve with ever-changing online and integration features.

AIM on the Go: Download the App

With AIM and Active-e, you can access POS solutions anywhere with AIM Mobile, our fast, convenient and secure app for iOS and Android. Track inventory, scan products, ring up sales from line and transfer from store to store — your existing AIM information will be waiting for you as soon as you log in.

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