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Did you know that independent dealers spend thousands of hours each year keeping their POS/Accounting systems updated with your inventory data?

Active-e can keep dealers, that use the AIM software, up to date with your catalog information

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Whether it’s keying in new items, price changes or updating discontinued items. This translates into thousands of dollars spent each year keeping their data up to date. Tri-Tech’s Active-e supplier connections solves this problem. Active-e can keep dealers that use the AIM software up to date with your catalog information. All you need to do is provide your catalog information to Tri-Tech in a consistent and timely fashion. Active-e will take your catalog information and provide it to retailers in the format needed. You can rest assured that your inventory data is secure. Active-e has built-in protection so that only authorized dealers can access your inventory catalog information.

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  • Secure - only authorized dealers will have access.
  • Dealers can send Purchase Orders right through their AIM POS.
  •  Reduce errors, there is no need for dealers to key in product information, direct feed through AIM.
  •  Keep your branding, pricing, product availability up-to-date.
  •  Easy to implement and no cost to suppliers.