Connect with AIM on the go

with Tri-Tech's AIM Mobile App

AIM Mobile

AIM Mobile is an iOS or Android app that connects to AIM. It can be downloaded to tablets or phones for use by end-users' employees and staff.

This mobile app will honor all pre-established security settings for employees, as well as customer-specific details like proper discounts and pricing that have already been configured in AIM.


What can employees do once they download the app & sign in?*

  • Point of Sale

  • Quick Scan

  • Enter Rental Contracts

  • Inventory History

  • Search Inventory

  • Physical Inventory

  • Physical Inventory Spot Check

  • Transfer Store to Store

  • Receive Store Transfers

  • Scan for Import

  • Teacher's View of Schedule

  • Customer History

  • Analytic Charts

*Access dependent upon AIM security & account settings!

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How much is the AIM Mobile App? AIM Mobile is a monthly service of $23 + $2 per workstation.

How do I get started? Call sales at 563-556-3556 and get signed up today.

How do I test with my data? Once you've gone through the setup, you'll create a QR code to be scanned with a phone.

What are the requirements? AIM v12, an API computer, and desired Active-e Services

Why AIM Mobile App?

  • Fast, secure and convenient!

  • Mobile point of sale! Ring up sales while customers wait in line, suspend the sale for completion at register!

  • Take tablet(s) to rental night and enter contracts!

  • No need to wait for a register to see what's in stock.

  • Scan that mysterious product with a phone and find out why it's there, where it came from and its price.

  • Instructors can check their class schedule while on the go.

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