Price: $700.00
Manufacturer Part #:  LDX10

This is the replacement for the Optimus 5502 Data Collector.

Pre-Loaded with AIM's Custom Application for: Physcial Inventory, Receiving Inventory, Receiving PO's, Importing Orders, Deleting Inventory, and more...

Device Information:

Please note that state ID barcodes are not nationally standardized and your state’s barcode requirements may not include all of the information or be formatted in a way that can be imported into AIM. In these cases any information not scanned with the barcode may be manually entered into AIM as desired.

  • Windows CE 6.0 OS
  • Internal Memory - 128MB (400Mhz DDR2)
  • MicroSD Slot (Up to 16 GB)
  • 2.8" QVGA Color TFT with Multi-Viewable Angle glass
  • Touchscreen
  • Barcode Scanner

USB Charger is included!

Every LDX10 includes:

  • DC Console Application Design Software
  • DC Suite Data Collection Software
  • Red Protective Case
  • USB cable
  • Standard one year warranty