SCALE CAS POS Interface Scales - Includes Interface Cable

Manufacturer Part #:  SCALE
Weigh in Pounds or Ounces. The CAS PD-II-60LB POS interface scale provides a robust 60 pound capacity, a low profile and a black case that seamlessly blends into any POS environment. The new ounce feature is perfect for applications such as ice cream & yogurt stores. Pound for pound, the CAS PD-II-60LB scale is the best value in its class.
Key Benefits
60 lb. Capacity
Legal for Trade, COC # 92-174A4
Interface with Most ECRs & POS Systems
Use as a Bench Scale
Standard RS232, 4 Bit Parallel
Easy to Read Tilt Display
Stainless Steel Platter
Auto Zero Tracking
OPOS Driver Available


SKU:  ae00-1202^SW-10RS
Manufacturer Part #:  SCALE
Weight:  0.00
Price: $415.00


SKU:  ae00-1202^CASPD
Manufacturer Part #:  SCALE
Weight:  0.00
Price: $520.00