In July of 2012, Tri-Tech acquired Computer Consultants Exchange (CCE), the developers of Consignment Ease and Consignment Success (previously known as Best Consignment Software).  The press release can be read here.  Tri-Tech is committed to continuing to provide great service and support for all Consignment Ease and Consignment Success customers.  

Now the best consignment store software just got better!  Tri-Tech has advanced the consignment and resale features to make it easier than ever to automate your consignment or resale store. Upgrade from Consignment Ease and Success to AIM, a complete point of sale, inventory management, accounting, and business software application that can be run on a multi-workstation, multi-location network with ease.  AIM contains enhanced features to assist consignment and resale stores to be more robust in managing their business.  Since its foundation in 1984, Tri-Tech has become an industry leader in providing business solutions to retailers. Tri-Tech's product suite has helped over 4,000 business owners across the United States and Canada grow their businesses more profitably and with greater predictability.

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