Turn online searchers into in-store shoppers with Google.

Our integration with Google allows you to easily sync your in-store products to your Business Profile on Google so they can stand out across Google Search, Maps, and the Shopping tab. Now you can let your potential customers know you have what they’re searching for – before they visit your store. It’s all done automatically and at no cost to you.

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Easily add your in-store products to Google

  • Product images and descriptions are automatically pulled from the manufacturer barcode and added to Google. You don’t need to worry about doing any time-consuming manual work.

  • When customers search for products near them, your products can appear on Google Search, Maps, and the Shopping tab, alongside your contact details and opening hours.

Where your in-store products can appear on Google:

  • Your Business Profile

  • Google Search

  • Google Maps

  • The Shopping tab


"It's been a great experience, not only is it helping me get products on the web and taking a task on my plate so I can focus on other things. AIM was great in the integration we had some issues that needed to be worked out and my Tech monitored my integration and called me when something wasn't working properly. That was just great customer service. "

Richard Haffa @ Volume 11 Music

"As a brick-and-mortar business with limited web presence, having the local inventory on Google integrated with our Point of Sale has been an invaluable tool to bring shoppers into the store, and connect in real time with customers in our area that have needs we can fulfill. The ease of integration and maintenance, and the ability to target our customers directly and effectively through the google search page (which has a slightly larger reach than our webpage!) has been fantastic since day one. The integration with AIM simplified the process even more. "

Dave Simpkins @ Flesher Hinton Music Company

"I have been using Google's Local Inventory App through AIM since it became available, about 6 to 8 months. The benefit of having my store listed on Google is that because my products are loaded automatically, my customers can see what I have right away. When they are looking for something out of the ordinary, they can usually see a picture and get right to us. The integration with Google that I like the most is that it will search my products and associate the right pictures and I did not have to find them.  "

Joe Richardson @ Vacuum Works