AIMPO Purchase Order

Price: $445.00
Manufacturer Part #:  AIMPO
The Purchase Order module provides you with the ability to track special orders for customers in addition to entering orders for your stock and creating, printing and receiving purchase orders from vendors. The Purchase Order module is fully integrated with all other modules. When the purchase order is received, inventory and accounting is updated. The inventory received on the Purchase Order may be viewed on the AP Invoice screen and the cost may be updated as required. The Purchase Order module is comprised of two different distinctions of orders, one distinction is 'uncommitted' and the other is 'committed'. The primary difference between the two is merchandise on an uncommitted order is not required to exist in the inventory file in order for the uncommitted order to be saved. Committed orders may not be saved until all items first exist in the inventory file. This is an add on module, AIM Basic Package is also required.