AIM Add-on Modules

  • AIMAP Accounts Payable
    Price: $445.00
  • AIMCM Contact Management
    AIMCM Contact Management
    Contact Management is used to manage the contact between your store and customers/prospects. You can establish memos to remind yourself to perform a certain action with the customer on a certain date.
    Price: $445.00
  • AIMEM Email Capabilities
    AIMEM Email Capabilities
    Send Mailings, Rental Statements, Open Account Statements, Rental Delinquency Notices, Open Account Delinquency Notices, Repair is Completed Notice, Special Order is In Notice
    Price: $445.00
  • AIMGL General Ledger
    Price: $445.00
  • AIMLL Additional Location
    Price: $595.00
  • AIMLTC Rent & Sales Contracts
    Price: $745.00
  • AIMPO Purchase Order
    Price: $445.00
  • AIMRS Repair & Service
    Price: $445.00
  • AIMSH Scheduling
    Price: $445.00
  • AIMST Short Term Rental
    Price: $445.00
  • AIMU Additional User License
    Price: $245.00