AIMAP Accounts Payable

Price: $445.00

Manage your accounts payable by vendor or date and perform a vendor cost analysis anytime.

Accounts Payable tracks standard payables as well as invoice dating and invoice term payments. Liability for accounting is tracked by vendor, enabling you to automatically separate inventory purchases, bank notes and other payables on the financial statement. A complete history of each vendor is maintained. You may view all purchases, invoices and payments by vendor at any time.  

  • Establish up to two levels of discounts on invoices. The best available discount is automatically used to pay invoices.
  • Pay invoices individually, by vendor or by date.
  • Track COD checks that were written to vendors.
  • Enter credit memos. Display the inventory that was transferred back to the vendor and make cost adjustments.
  • Display monthly vendor cost analysis for any 12-month period.
  • Consolidate multiple invoices into one for term payments (dating).
  • Print checks from AIM or post manually written checks.
  • View purchase order information when entering an invoice, making cost adjustments to the received item.
  • Void checks with ease.
  • Set up numerous checking accounts.
  • Generate invoice aging reports.

This is an add on module, AIM Basic Package is also required.

Model: AIMAP
Manufacturer: Tri-Tech