AIMGL General Ledger

Price: $445.00
Manufacturer Part #:  AIMGL

A CPA-approved solution for all your accounting needs - whether you or an accounting firm prepares your financial statements.

The accounting functions of General Ledger interact seamlessly with all other areas of AIM. General Ledger accounting is updated automatically and immediately as you complete daily tasks in AIM. Audit trails and balancing procedures are set up to ensure accurate information, and a detailed Balance Sheet and Profit/Loss Statement help you make better and more timely decisions.

  • Save ledger details when you close out the month and maintain them for a complete year.
  • Print financial/budget statements by department and store location.
  • Compare the current year to the prior year on the income statement.
  • Analyze inventory turns and gross profit.
  • Use AIM's standard month-end financial statements or create your own. For example, create a departmentalized income statement showing accounts for department managers.
  • Generate a monthly tax report showing total taxable sales, tax exempt sales, and the sales tax payable for any period.
  • Print check registers by checking account and cancel cleared checks on your statement in one easy step.
  • Track ledger discrepancies with discrepancy reports.
  • Take advantage of AIM's integration with Quickbooks.

This is an add on module, AIM Basic Package is also required.