Tri-Tech Celebrates 40th Anniversary!

The Tri-Tech management team (from left): Jill Chapman-Cox, production manager; Greg Cox, chief operating officer; Brett Stoffel, director of customer service; Paul Acton (on screen), chief executive officer; Amber Earles, director of project management; Will Livesay, business technology consultant; and Kathryn Lyness, marketing manager. Tri-Tech is celebrating 40 years in business this year. (image and article courtesy of The Telegraph Herald)

‘It’s a family enterprise'

Dubuque-based business celebrates 40 years of growth, family ownership.

BY BECCA PETERSON - For the Telegraph Herald

Growing up, Greg Cox was certain he was destined to work in the family’s software business. From the age of 10, Cox remembers traveling to installation appointments with his parents and older siblings, who helped input customer data and rental contracts from their hotel rooms. Cox watched his father, Dave Cox, start the family business, now called Tri- Tech, from the kitchen of their California home. Soon thereafter, the business — and family — moved to Dubuque, where it has grown over the last 34 years. “It really has always been a part of my life. Once I graduated (high school), it was natural to go straight there full time,” said Greg Cox, now chief operating officer at Tri-Tech. His father serves as chief financial officer.

Cox’s sister Stephanie Acton, who is operations manager at Tri-Tech. With several children and grandchildren working in the business, Dave Cox says it’s rewarding to see the company he founded support multiple generations of his family. “It’s more than a business, it’s a family enterprise,” he said. This year, Tri-Tech, located at 3162 Cedar Crest Ridge, is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Formerly called “Soft Music,” Tri-Tech’s point of sale (POS) technology was initially designed for the music retail industry and evolved over time.

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