System Requirements for Databases Over 10GB

Using SQL Server for databases over 10GB
Supported Operating System 

Windows Server 2016 with SQL Server 2017 Standard, Windows Server 2019


2.0GHz or faster Intel Xeon
We recommend against using Celeron processors for anything other then an RDP terminal or a very basic POS-only terminal




SSDs in RAID 5 or 10 using RAID controller with controller cache

Network  1GB NIC
SQL Server Limitations

SQL Server is designed to use all the system memory available. This is fine if you are using a dedicated server but if you will be running other applications you can limit the amount of memory SQL Server can have access to.

Recommend running SQL server on a dedicated server


*** Not recommended to install SQL server on a domain controller. This includes Essential Editions of Windows Server.

AIMsi runs on 32 or 64 bits OS.

Remote Desktop Server for Multiple Locations

Windows Server 2016 Standard


2.0GHz or faster Intel Xeon


8GB RAM + 2GB per remote user

Network  1GB NIC

SSDs in RAID 5 or 10

*Windows 7 not recommended. Microsoft support will be dropped January 2020