Version 7 Polling


Build # April 25, 2024

Version 7 Polling supports Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 & Windows 11 users


Note1:  64-bit operating systems can be used, however users will need to check their hardware devices i.e. modems, USB to Serial converters, and USB to Ether converters to be sure they support 64-bit operating systems.  

Note2: Windows 11 has been tested successfully on TCP/IP enabled registers.  RS232 registers vary depending on the register model and com port emulation technology that is deployed.  Additional configuration may be required for newer operating systems. 

Download V7 Full Version

General Update Info

  1. Make a backup of critical data
  2. Install the new update
  3. If needed, contact us for a release code
  4. Validate all report and support tables
  5. Save All Programs back from the register to the PC 

**If updating from build 518 or older, script tables will also need validating.  To see the process please watch this video.

Version 7 Features

Supported Registers


  • CASIO 2200/2400/3000/ 4500/8500/7000/ 6000/6100/6600
  • SAM4s 2000/7000/7040/ 1000/520/530/ 650/650R/655II/ 5200M/5215M/5240M/ 285/390M/915/920/940/925/945/ 320/340/345/Sam4POS
  • Sharp 410/420/520/530/600/700/810/820/3500
  • TEC 1595/1650

Included Software Tools

  • Auto Import & Export - quickly & easily make program edits outside of V7 Polling & have the software automatically import those changes.
  • Auto Retry - have the software automatically retry failed events at a pre-selected time.  The software can also email a manager to alert them of missed polls.
  • Barcoding Module - print barcodes from the PLU/UPC file.  This tool supports several different formats & layouts. 
  • Database Optimizer- run this utility to compact & compress data for faster access.
  • Calendar Poll - schedule polling events to occur automatically daily, weekly or monthly at set times.

Additional Information


Having trouble using Version 7 or have questions? Email us.