Did you know that independent dealers spend thousands of hours each year keeping their POS/Accounting systems updated with your inventory data?

Whether it’s keying in new items, price changes, or updating discontinued items. This translates into thousands of dollars spent each year keeping their data up to date. Tri-Tech’s Active-e technology solves this problem. Active-e can keep dealers that use the AIM software up to date with your catalog information. All you need to do is provide your catalog information to Tri-Tech in a consistent and timely fashion. Active-e will take your catalog information and provide it to retailers in the format needed. You can rest assured that your inventory data is secure. Active-e has built in protection so that only authorized dealers can access your inventory catalog information.

Implementation is a very easy, and a zero-cost program.

Suppliers can contact Pat Murphy to get setup today.

For the Music Industry

Tri-Tech is a member of the NAMM Standards Committee. The Technology Committee was formed to develop business-to-business Industry Standards. Check out the up to date documents and processes at