Frequently Asked Questions

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AIMsi v11 will still be supported for quite some time. While we do not currently have a definitive date in mind for sunsetting v11, we anticipate continuing AIMsi v11 support for years.


Yes, absolutely. You are able to run both AIMsi v11 and AIM v12 at the same time. You can convert to AIM v12 while still using AIMsi v11 for your day-to-day operations. This allows you to test and familiarize yourself with AIM v12 before going live with it. You can also run the upgrade as many times as you like (each time you run the upgrade, AIM v12 will then be populated with the most recent data from AIMsi v11).

We recommend that you test out AIM v12 first by running through the upgrade process. You now will have both AIMsi v11 and AIM v12 running with live data. You will continue to use AIMsi v11 for your day-to-day operations, while as time permits, we recommend that you and your staff turn around and run some of those same daily transactions in AIM v12. Enter sales transactions, post payments, enter layaways, create special orders, enter repair tickets, run your daily reports, etc. This will help instill confidence for you *and* your staff that everything is working as you expect. Not to mention, it will allow your employees to gain familiarity with the new system before actually going live with it. Once you are ready to run live with AIM v12, you’ll just run the upgrade from AIMsi v11 to AIM v12 one last time to get the most current data in AIM v12.

The 10g limitation on SQL Express is for each individual database. So you can have as many databases as you need as long as each one is below the 10g limit.

Take note that once your database reaches the 10GB size SQL Express shuts down. If your current database size is close to 10GB or if your store has a high transaction volume it is highly recommended you purchase one of the SQL Standard editions.