Polling Software Advancements and Corrections by Build Number

V7 Build 347 ( – July 23, 2014 - Full Release Version 

V7 Build 354 ( – October 16, 2014 - Full Release Version

V7 Build 361 ( – January 9, 2015 - Full Release Version


General Changes: 

  • Barcoding->Added a column for the PLU code.
  • Comm Control Window->The comm history now contains the machine IP address in the initiating communications line.
  • Custom Consolidate Rpt->Increased the width of the description field.
  • Machine->An additional prompt has been added to verify deleting extra machines when the machine count exceeds the license count.
  • PLU->Corrected a problem with the tblCatmap being created when the user does not have AIMsi.
  • Reports->Exporting to Excel has been correct.
  • Sales Export->Added code to catch invalid PLU codes when sending sales data to AIMsi
  • Calendar Maintenance->Save Memory Allocations can now be added to scripts.
  • All->Corrected an error on adding a skip field to a program area export. (build 361)
  • All->Edited schedule tab button caption to reflected edit state of scheduled items. (build 361)
  • XLS Wizard->Added a day of a specific month map option. (build 361)
  • XLS Wizard->Added quarterly map options for reporting quarterly totals. (build 361)
  • XLS Wizard->Made a change to default the cost field to zero if the item code in the template is not found in the selected report query. (build 361)


CASIO Changes:

  • Casio 6000 Keyboard->Fixed problem with tblColor being closed when changing the color on an invisible button.
  • Casio 6000->Added a new ROM version - IPL 1.39x.  This is for numerous changes in the Cashier Program.
  • Casio 6000->Customer Report->Corrected a problem displaying advanced consolidated customer reports.
  • Casio 6600->Added New Rom (IPL 1.20.36AA)
  • Casio 6600->Fixed Totalizer Rpt->Corrected problem importing report from an FTP file.
  • Casio 6600 Keyboard->Fixed problem with tblColor being closed when changing the color on an invisible button.
  • Casio FTP Report Import->Added checks for preventing the attempted import of unknown file types.
  • Casio 6600->Added a report timing option to the preferences area to allow users to increase/decrease report wait times.  (build 354)
  • Casio 3000->Fixed an error saving the scan PLU file when code FE 00 is encountered. (build 361)
  • Casio 6600->Added IPL 1.33.46AA. (build 361)
  • Casio->Corrected a problem on sending files with the Casio 3000/4500 and 7000/8500 where a timeout would cause the program to stop. (build 361)


Sam4s Changes:

  • Sam4s 2000/5x0->Made it easier to select PLUs on the Touchscreen KB editor.
  • Sam4s 5x0->PLU Stock Eval report now works when PLU descriptors aren't being sent by the register.
  • Sam4s320->Added ROM version 1.072.
  • Sam4s5X0->Removed code validating the TimeKeeping tables when running the report.
  • Sam4s900->Added ROM version 1.050.
  • Sam520->Corrected the occasional dbiSam error 11010 when running a check track report.
  • Sam600->Corrected a communications problem for the Department 1.39x ROM.
  • Sam650 Clerk Time report->This report now displayed the clerk worked hours and minutes.
  • Sam900 PLU->The copy record function now works correctly.
  • Sam900 System Options->Sending the System Option 'Allow Negative Sale' reversed the value at the register.  This has been corrected.
  • Sam2000/5x0->Added totals to the bottom of check track reports. (build 354)
  • Sam2000->When doing a save all the first time, the saving PLU Stock report would give a range check error.  This has been corrected. (build 354)
  • Sam4s->Added PLU By Group reports to the Refresh PLU Desc filter and update procedure. (build 354)
  • Sam4s320->Added ROM version 1.075. (build 354)
  • Sam52xxM->Fixed ROM addition of 9.7 ROM listing, 9.4 listing was overwritten. (build 354)
  • Sam5x0->Employee report consolidation was not displaying correctly - it has been fixed. (build 354)
  • Sam5x0->Fixed alignment of fields on PLU by Group report when profit flag is in use. (build 354)
  • Sam5x0->Fixed error on consolidation of PLU reports with register profit flag is in use. (build 354)
  • Sam7000->The Memory Allocations save can now be added to a script. (build 354)
  • Sam5x0->Corrected an error sending the touchscreen keyboard to the register. (build 361)


Sharp Changes:

  • Sharp 800 Server->The server program now supports 4 digit Cashier Numbers.


TEC Changes:

  • There were no new changes made to the 1596 or 1650 registers in this build. 


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