Polling Software Advancements and Corrections by Build Number

V7 Build 377 ( – December 9, 2015 - Full Release Version


General Changes: 

  • All  ->  a change was made to the adv. consolidate screen to allow users to select specific registers for consolidation
  • Machine Program ->  Changed the Number of Satellites label to 'Configure IRC in IRC Broadcast Settings' for the SAM4s 300 and 650 series registers
  • XLS Wizard  ->   added a day of month option for Financial data
  • XLS Wizard  ->   added a zero skip option to the Group template
  • XLS Wizard  ->  added a date display option to the Group & Financial day of month templates


CASIO Changes:

  • CASIO 3000/4500 -> Corrected a timeout issue sending the scan PLU file
  • CASIO 6100  ->  a change was made to the software so that when the consolidated only report option is selected only the 1 consolidated report is auto emailed
  • CASIO 6600  ->  corrected an error saving the fixed totalizer report  The report was save but would state there was an error & thus not auto export or email the report data
  • CASIO 6600  ->  corrected an issue with the display of some data within the shift PLU program area
  • CASIO 6600 -> The employee report now contains a calculated column for wages


SAM4s Changes:

  • SAM4s 520 -> Corrected a problem sending the PLU file when there was a large number of PLUs
  • SAM4s 5200  ->  Corrected a problem displaying the correct keyboard
  • SAM4s 5200 ->  Fixed a block size mismatch error saving the All Other Programs program
  • SAM4s 900 series  ->  added print options 43-45 and made a few corrections
  • SAM4s 900 series  ->  added system options corrected a display name


Sharp Changes:

  • There were no new changes made to the Sharp registers in this build.


TEC Changes:

  • There were no new changes made to the 1596 or 1650 registers in this build. 


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