Polling Software Advancements and Corrections by Build Number

V7 Build 387 ( – June 20, 2016 - Full Release Version


General Changes: 

  • Activation/Release code screen -> added a button to connect to remote help. 
  • Activation/Release code screen -> corrected a problem setting the extra Stored Activation codes for Windows 10. (V7 Polling can store a secondary and tertiary release code to support multiple hardware configurations.) 
  • Preferences | Email Options -> a TTS Test Account email option was added to help with troubleshooting.
  • AllPolls -> set default Advanced Consolidate option to inclusive.
  • Calendar Scripts -> corrected a problem editing a script when the number of satellites has increased.
  • QB Interface -> added support for qb 2016.
  • QB Interface Manual Transfer -> Added ability to mark all items as transferred/not transferred.
  • QB Interface Setup Options|Item -> Setup now has an item cost field.


CASIO Changes:

  • CASIO 6600 EJ(Normal) Report -> Corrected a problem displaying the report.
  • CASIO 6600 ScanPLU Report Import -> Corrected a problem importing a Scan PLU report from an FTP text file.
  • CASIO 6600 ScanPLU Report -> added a preference to determine how long to wait before the program assumes that all the data has been sent from the register.
  • CASIO 6600 ScanPLU Send -> corrected an invalid secondary index error when sending changes to the register.


SAM4s Changes:

  • SAM4s 2000 PLU -> Corrected a problem calculating a check digit for UPC-E codes.
  • SAM4s 320 Financial Report -> Corrected an issue with the Non-Add # not showing on the report.
  • SAM4s 320 PLU -> Corrected a problem saving and sending the Mix & Match field.
  • SAM4s 320 PLU -> Renumbering the PLU file would disable updating the date modified field.  This has been corrected.
  • SAM4s 320 PLU -> Sending changes only now works correctly.
  • SAM4s 520 Mix & Match Report -> Moved the percent sign to the right side of the percent value.
  • SAM4s 520 PLU Report -> Corrected an issue that prevented the Sales Prct from calculating to 2 decimal places.
  • SAM4s 5200 NLU -> Added a maintenance area for NLUs.  (Use ctrl ~ to toggle the grid viewing options.)
  • SAM4s 5x0 Mix & Match report -> Corrected a problem maintaining the correct MM number when running the report.
  • SAM4s 5x0 PLU Report -> Now contains a field for Sales Percentage.
  • SAM4s 5x0 PLU Stock Evaluation Report -> Now contains a field for reorder quantity.  Note that the reorder quantity is set to zero for items that have a stock quantity equal or greater than the stock minimum.  This report will now zero skip on stock quantity = 0 or reorder quantity = zero.  See the SAM4s tab in Preferences.
  • SAM4s 5x0 PLU -> Corrected a problem calculating a check digit for UPC-E codes.


Sharp Changes:

  • Sharp 410/420 Keyboard -> this has been set up for auto export/import.
  • Sharp 600/700 Keyboard -> Corrected a problem clearing a PLU key.


TEC Changes:

  • There were no new changes made to the 1596 or 1650 registers in this build. 


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