Recommendations for a smooth v12 upgrade 

Tri-Tech has instituted a new process to ensure the best possible experience in upgrading to v12.  We call this new process "v12 Upgrade Consult."  To start with, Touch Base with Tri-Tech. We will provide a dedicated account representative to support you throughout the upgrade process.

The steps to help with this smooth experience are listed below:  

  1. The first step is to contact Tri-Tech, and provide your licensing detail information.
    • In AIMsi go to help -> about AIMsi.
    • Verify that you are running the most recent update.  If needed install the newest update.  
    • Click "Print License Details" button, print.
    • Select email or create a PDF to email to [email protected].

      Once we have the document, an account representative will be assigned to your store and will contact you to get initial information. Primarily, it will be the contact person in your organization that is assigned to this upgrade process.  The sales person will setup a time and date for a support tech to work with you on this process.  We strongly recommend that you get on Platinum Support. This will give you access to Premium support techs, extra support time, less wait time, and weekend assistance.

  2. Only use POS hardware we currently sell.
  3. Use SQL Server 2019.
  4. 16GB of RAM on the workstations.
  5. Double (32GB) the recommended RAM on servers.
  6. 1920 X 1080 is the recommended monitor resolution.
  7. Use Windows 10 or Windows Server 2019 for the server with a clean install of Windows. 
  8. Server should be running SSDs.
  9. Network should be wired with 1GB connections.


The next phase of this process is for testing.  Your store will need to go through and test general operations, hardware, reports and special programs your store is currently using.   

  • Run a test upgrade.
  • On the test V12 upgrade - test every single piece of hardware you use in the store including scanners, printers, pole displays and credit card readers.
  • On the test conversion - test every report you run, every type of transaction you post. Compare with v11.
  • Test remote desktop connections if using multiple locations.
  • Test Active-e functions, including an API security computer (C2B), if used.

As you begin to use v12 take time to review the videos/webinars available through  "Videos & Livestream" Portal. These were created by the Tri-Tech training department (See "What's new in V12" in the Videos & Livestream Portal's dropdown options). If one-on-one training sessions are preferred, contact your account representative to schedule a session or sign-up online.

Above are the recommended options for optimal performance and to save time during the upgrade process. Most v11 hardware is compatible with v12, however, clients will need to conduct extra testing to ensure this compatibility. To see a list of minimum requirements, return Back to v12 Upgrade Path