AIM v12 

AIM v12 is a completely new rewrite of our AIMsi v11 and older software. The enhanced new version uses leading edge technology to modernize your business software solution. AIM v12 is a major upgrade that uses SQL Server as its database structure, which offers more security, stability and speed. It will be important that you review the system requirements and possible network configurations prior to installing it. Please refer to the links below for more information.

V12 FAQs

V12 Testimonials & Tips

The Range at Lake Norman

Reservations are the biggest advantage we have found in the new system. The interface is more user friendly and easier to train new employees on. More integration to external systems makes AIM more valuable.

K&G Bike Center

Tri-Technical Systems made huge upgrades in performance for v12 over v11. The data base structure is much more flexible in terms of the information that we can draw out of the system when we need to.

The Tri-Tech support group was very, very generous with the time they spent educating me in how to use their system.
~Dean Hertert

The Music Shoppe

Active-e integration has taken our website to the next level, and we are receiving good feedback.

Right clicks offer considerably more options than v11.

Reports generate much faster.

Customer search is more intuitive.
~Joy Hippensteele

Music Arts Enterprise

Visually, v12 is extraordinarily easy to look at and a joy to work with. We love the touch screen, how fast it is, that you can bring up inventory items very quickly and the details are all in there.

We are very pleased to have access to the actual people who write the software because an integral part of what we do is our software.
~Ken Katz

Brighton Music

I like that you can do multiple transactions at a time, like two rentals to one family, which is a huge time saver.

Having enough RAM is crucial. Once we got to the 2 GB per use, the program runs very smoothly.

The search is much faster and brings better results.
~Richard Schiemer

Menchey Music Services, Inc.

We are loving the SQL platform and the stability, flexibility and opportunity it offers..

Access to the API and how we can work with third party developers is a game changer.
~Joel Menchey

Pecknel Music

Searching is greatly improved with v12, both for Inventory and in Customer. AIM now searches key words for all fields and you can sort the results, like in an Excel spreadsheet, making finding any customer or inventory much quicker.

V12 is a SQL-based database, which is better performing and easier to snapshot or backup.

Saied Music

The features liked: Tasks are very helpful and saves me a few hours of work every day.
Being able to see the detail behind the totals in the Daily Deposit screen.
Integration with Podium.
Scheduling module has improved.
~Robin Waresback

the Music Den

The multitasking of several modules at the same time is great. Also, live update of an open program, for example, when in bank reconciliation, and you realize there is something you have to do, you can leave that open, go out do what's needed and it will update the bank rec program when it is open.

The reverb integration has also been a huge time saver.
~Tom Scognamiglio



  • SQL Database

  • Mobile Applications

  • Customizable POS

  • Built In Backup System

  • Enhanced Security

  • Run Scheduled Reporting

  • User Defined Customer Fields

  • Customizable Setup

  • Robust API Integrated Services
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v11 to v12 Upgrade


$795 / Base Price

$5 per additional Workstation License

$25 per additional Location License

* Pricing is for customers on our Maintenance Plan, Base Price is $1590 for customers not on the Maintenance Plan

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