Polling Software Advancements and Corrections by Build Number

V7 Build 417 ( – February 15, 2018 - Full Release Version

General Changes: 

  • Release of Tablet View UI options (learn more online). 
  • Barcode Printing->added an option to default barcode types to Code 39.
  • General->the main screen's background image was updated.
  • General Communications->if items in a PLU sale are deleted in the PLU file, the program could update the wrong PLU record with incorrect data.  This has been corrected.
  • Custom Consolidate->the program now saves sort order for PLU, Transaction and Group/Dept.
  • QuickBooks Interface->added an option to set the Invoice Option to 1 in the Check Track/Customer section.
  • QuickBooks Interface->updated account selection options within Check Track/Customer Map to include EXINC and OCASSET.
  • QuickBooks->added support for qb2018. 
  • Security->When Tablet View and Security are both activated a Log Out/Sleep button is added to the Setup menu.
  • TTS Test Account->these email account options from within V7 Polling can now be used with the XLS Wizard auto email settings.
  • XLS Wizard->corrected an issue with CC email options when using the multi-transfer with auto email.  


CASIO Changes:

  • Casio 3000/4500 PLU->corrected an issue where the Optimum Stock was not being set to or saved from the register.
  • Casio 3000/4500 Scan PLU->corrected an issue with sending the scan plu and scan plu index.
  • Casio QT6600->a correction was made to the PLU report to correctly display the weight sold.

    SAM4s Changes:

    • Sam4s2000 Custom Report Export->added the ability to filter the Sam2000 EJ report based on filters set in Preferences.
    • Sam4s2000->added ROM version 3.00g31L090417.
    • Sam4s285 Function Keys->Corrected a problem of duplicate items in the Charge|Data Tran Type drop down list.
    • Sam4s285->added ROM version 5.034.
    • Sam4s320 Function Keys->added 'Cash Benefit' to the drop down list on all Charge keys.
    • Sam4s320 Print Options->added Always Print Check Number on Slip Printer.
    • Sam4s320 Print Options->added Disable Auto Line On The Slip Printer.
    • Sam4s320 System Options->added field EFT Draft.
    • Sam4s320->added option in Preferences to set the timeout length between reports.
    • Sam4s320->added ROM version 1.132.
    • Sam4s5200 Financial Rpt->Corrected the description for Grand Total on the financial report.
    • Sam4s5200->added ROM version 5200/5215/5240 - 9.10M.
    • Sam4s5x0 ->the PLU consolidated and advanced consolidated reports now display the line item sales percent.
    • Sam4s5x0 Function Key 120->added missing field Connect To EFT on R/A.
    • Sam4s5x0->a time selection was added to the Print Recently Modified Barcode Labels PLU Tools option.
    • Sam4s5x0->added ROM update 1.00S080417ST for the Sterling EFT changes.
    • Sam4s5x0->added ROM version 1.00S090417.
    • Sam4s5x0->Report sort options have been added to the Sam4s 5x0 Plu by Class 1, 2, and 3 reports.  The options are configured within Preferences.  
    • Sam4s900 Age Verify->Corrected an issue where the wrong values for age verify was being send to the register and received from the register.
    • Sam4s900 Function Keys->added Key Is Popup/Stay Down to the Merch Return key.
    • Sam4s900 Print Options->added Print PLU Report Before Financial and Print Returns and Voids on Financial.
    • Sam4s900 Print Options->added Print Postamble On Journal.
    • Sam4s900 Print Options->added Print Preamble On Journal.
    • Sam4s900->added ROM version 1.099.
    • Sam4s900->corrected an error on older ROMs where the message chkTestId: Field 'TestId' not found appeared when entering System Options. 
    • Sam4s900 Keyboard->added the ability to change the size of the double horizontal keys.


    Sharp Changes:

    • Sharp 530->corrections were made to the keyboard programming area for programming, editing and clearing buttons. 


    TEC Changes:

    • There were no new changes made to the 1596 or 1650 registers in this build. 


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