Polling Software Advancements and Corrections by Build Number

V7 Build 461 ( – December 10, 2019 - Full Release Version


V7 Build 443 ( – July 18, 2019 - Full Release Version


General Changes: 

  • New Tri-Tech branding was applied to the V7 Software: Changed the colors on the outlook selection bar, the selection buttons and the slider bar in the program maintenance areas.  Also updated the Tri-Tech website address and sales email address.
  • Enhancements were made to the barcode printing utility to allow users to edit more font settings.
  • Communications->Corrected an issue where polling with a script would not email the report with email type set to TTS Test Account. 
  • Email->An issue sending email using the TTS Test Account has been corrected.
  • Machine->Added the ability to reset the ROM version for the Sam 900 Series, Sam 300 series and the Sam285
  • Schedules->Added a Sort by Script option to reorganize the scripts listed within a schedule. (A viewing option only.)
  • Schedules->Corrected the percent completed on the progress bar that is displayed when selecting a different machine.
  • Reports->Corrected an issue where the report table was not being optimized after deleting records.

CASIO Changes:

  • Casio6600 Scan PLU->Corrected an issue where adding and deleting a scan plu at the computer then sending to the register would not update the register.

SAM4s Changes:

  • INITIAL RELEASE for Sam4POS - contact sales to learn more about the features and to obtain a release code.
  • Sam 300 Series Financial Report->Corrected an issue where the grand total was being summed in the consolidated and advance consolidated reports.
  • Sam 300 Series->Added ROM version 1.111ST.
  • Sam 300 Series->Added ROM version 1.115ST.
  • Sam 300 Series->Added ROM version 1.119ST.
  • Sam 300 Series->Added ROM version 1.136.
  • Sam 300 Series->Added ROM version 1.137.
  • Sam 300 Series->Corrected a problem removing price embedded barcode.
  • Sam 300 Series->Corrected an issue for the Sterling ROMs where the register was being left in communications mode after doing a send, save or report.
  • Sam 300 Series PLU->Corrected an issue where an extra record was created when saving the PLU file from the register.
  • Sam 900 Series 63 Key Keyboard->removed the restriction of programming the blacked out keys.
  • Sam 900 Series Keyboard->Corrected the printout size of the buttons for the 63 key keyboard.
  • Sam 900 Series Raised Keyboard->increased the horizontal width from 0.0625 to 0.18405.
  • Sam 900 Series->added rom version 1.107.
  • Sam52xx Comm Options->added Scanner and RJ to the Port 2 Device Function options.
  • Sam5x0 and SPS 2000->On the S Mode Options page 2, changed the color to the From Reg and To Reg fields to be white.
  • Sam5X0 PLU->Added an option to check for duplicate descriptors.

Sharp Changes:

  • There were no new changes made to the Sharp registers in this build. 


TEC Changes:

  • There were no new changes made to the 1596 or 1650 registers in this build. 



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