Polling Software Advancements and Corrections by Build Number

V7 Build 474 ( – April 22, 2020 - Full Release Version


General Changes: 

  • Auto Import->Corrected an issue where importing price changes failed to update some records if the there were corresponding 'Deleted' records.
  • Export/Import->Corrected an issue where importing a PLU file and using skip fields would duplicate PLU records in the Sam4POS
  • Machine->copying a Sam4POS machine and adding FTP info before saving the machine would cause a duplicate key error.  This has been corrected.
  • Machine->the com selection dialog only allowed 50 comm port entries.  This has been increased to 150.
  • Reports->The Refresh PLU Desc program now pulls the PLU descriptors from table defined by the Program ID in Machine | Programs.

CASIO Changes:

  • There were no new changes made to the CASIO registers in this build. 

SAM4s Changes:

  • Sam280->added the Sterling ROM 5.081ST
  • Sam280->added the Sterling ROM version 5.082ST
  • Sam4POS EOD Report->Added an option to import all EOD reports for a selected day.
  • Sam4POS EOD Report->Corrected an issue importing an EOD report from a local location.
  • Sam4POS Group->added ClNumber for crosslinking groups.
  • Sam4POS Import records ->corrected an issue where importing a table with more than 65000 records would cause an integer overflow.
  • Sam4POS Import records ->optimized the import operation so that tables with a large number of records would import quicker.
  • Sam4POS PLU Report->Corrected an issue where checking zero skip for a PLU Profit report would not display any items.
  • Sam4POS PLU report->increased the wait time between timeouts for PLU reports to 30 seconds.
  • Sam4POS PLU Report->the type of PLU report has been added to the report title.
  • Sam4POS PLU Sale->Corrected an issue where sale items were not being sent to the register without clicking on the 'Flag PLU Items For Send'.
  • Sam4POS PLU Status Group->added field ClNumber for linking with crosslinks.
  • Sam4POS PLU Template->selecting multiple templates to delete would only delete one template.  This has been corrected.
  • Sam4POS PLU->added a checkbox for inactive to the form.
  • Sam4POS PLU->added a data check when exiting the PLU file when Preference 'Data Check | On PLU Table Exit' is checked.
  • Sam4POS PLU->added a Tools menu option to Fill Blanks With Templates.
  • Sam4POS PLU->added a Tools menu option to Mass Create PLU records.
  • Sam4POS PLU->added menu option 'Strip Price Embedded Barcodes.'
  • Sam4POS PLU->added the base template option where adding new records would populate fields from a template.
  • Sam4POS PLU->Corrected an error importing price changes into the PLU program.
  • Sam4POS PLU->corrected an error saving PLU Codes larger than 16 digits from the register.
  • Sam4POS PLU->Corrected an issue printing barcodes.
  • Sam4POS PLU->Corrected an issue where running Fill Blanks with Register Defaults would reset the dtModifed for all records whether or not it updated a field.
  • Sam4POS PLU->deleting a PLU then adding a PLU would cause a duplicate key violation in the Price Levels table.  This has been corrected.
  • Sam4POS PLU->Entering a PLU cost on the grid did not create a Price Cost record.  This has been corrected.
  • Sam4POS PLU->ID fields for the PLU, Price Levels, and Price Cost created in V7 Polling now start at 100000000.
  • Sam4POS PLU->when opening the form the grid sort order is correctly restored.
  • Sam4POS Promotion Group->added a progress bar when using Add Multiple Items.
  • Sam4POS Promotion Group->Corrected an SQL error when clicking on Add PLU.
  • Sam4POS Promotion->added a progress bar when using Add Multiple Items.
  • Sam4POS Promotion->Corrected an issue where the PLU selection list contained deleted items.
  • Sam4POS Report Options->optimized the opening of the report options when the report contains PLU filter options and the PLU table is very large.
  • Sam4POS Save PLU->increased the timeout for the saving the PLU table.
  • Sam4POS Script->a script with 2 EOD reports and no other items with create 2 history records.  This has been corrected.
  • Sam4POS Script->Corrected an issue when using a custom date for a EOD report would cause an error.
  • Sam4POS->added a maintenance area and save option for the Non PLU program.
  • Sam4POS->added code to number records starting at 1000000 for records created in V7 Polling when the table has a delete field.
  • Sam4POS->added maintenance area and save options for Promotion Group.
  • Sam4POS->added maintenance area and save options for Promotion.
  • Sam4POS->added option to send Promotions for ROM versions > 2.0.21 to the register.
  • Sam4POS->added ROM version 2.0.12.
  • Sam4POS->Added ROM version 2.0.14.
  • Sam4POS->added ROM version 2.0.17.
  • Sam4POS->added ROM version 2.0.21
  • Sam4POS->added ROM version 2.0.22.
  • Sam4POS->changed the PLU Profit report to display Total Sales instead of Total Cost.
  • Sam4POS->changed the title of the Financial by Employee EOD report to Financial by Employee Report (EOD).
  • Sam4POS->corrected an issue doing an Auto Import for the PLU.
  • Sam4POS->corrected an issue when a Sam4POS release code did not always work.
  • Sam4POS->corrected an issue where PLU crosslinks would not delete linked records if the PLU ID did not match between the machines.
  • Sam4POS->corrected an issue where sending changes to the register when data files are shared between machines.
  • Sam4POS->corrected an issue where sending sale items to the register then saving the PLU file would overwrite exiting prices for the sale items.
  • Sam900 Sterling Rom->corrected a blocksize mismatch running the group report.
  • Sam900->added the Sterling ROM version 1.081ST

Sharp Changes:

  • Validate Tables->corrected an issue for the Sharp800 where selecting to validate the Server table would validate the wrong table.


TEC Changes:

  • There were no new changes made to the 1596 or 1650 registers in this build. 



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