Polling Software Advancements and Corrections by Build Number

V7 Build 499 ( – July 14, 2021 - Full Release Version


General Changes: 

  • Custom Consolidate->added column totals at the bottom of the report. The totals were displayed on the screen but not printed - that has been corrected.
  • Custom Consolidate->the PLU report would add the previous line quantity/amount to the next line if the next line had blanks for the quantity/amount. This has been corrected.
  • Custom Consolidate->updated the refresh procedure to update date ranges after a template is loaded.
  • Custom Consolidation->added option to select reports by either poll date or ECR date.
  • Machine->corrected an issue where clicking on a machine would occasionally cause a 'select a model' message to be displayed.
  • Machine->corrected an issue where copying a Sam4POSMachine did not copy the password.
  • Machine->corrected an issue where the satellite count for the Sam4POS would not update unless the it's prior count was 0.
  • Machine->modified the satellite count to display Sam4POS satellites.
  • Main Screen->added the option to validate the Sam4POSFtpInfo table in the Validate Tables program.
  • QB Interface->added "None Not Found" Group option to the mapping area.
  • XLS Wizard->added a filter by class 1 option to the PLU template creator

CASIO Changes:

  • There were no new changes made to the CASIO registers in this build. 

SAM4s Changes:

  • Sam4POS Color Selector->corrected an issue where some on the colors were not very close to the colors in the Sam4POS terminals.
  • Sam4POS EOD Reports->corrected an issue where the report showed time as AM for PM.
  • Sam4POS Financial by Employee (EOD) report->added a separator between employees.
  • Sam4POS Financial by Employee (EOD) report->corrected an issue where the report was displayed as a financial report.
  • Sam4POS Financial report->added a divider between groups when the report type is Reporting by Employee and Reporting by Terminal.
  • Sam4POS Financial report->corrected an issue where selecting Reporting by Employee would not display any data.
  • Sam4POS Group report->polling the group report with Reporting by Employee caused an access violation. This has been corrected.
  • Sam4POS Machine->Clicking on a machine in the machine list would occasionally cause a 'You must select a model' message to be displayed. This has been corrected.
  • Sam4POS Machine->In machine the machine/satellite count at the top of the form was not being updated for Sam4POS until the program was reopened. The Sam4POS machine count was not always updated unless the count on the machine table was correct. This has been corrected.
  • Sam4POS Machine->The new satellite count for Sam4POS is preventing the adding of a new machine because the terminal info table hasn't been created yet. This has been corrected
  • Sam4POS Machine->with a Sam4POS machine selected, clicking on the ROM button then clicking on a non-Sam4POS machine would cause an error. This has been corrected.
  • Sam4POS Machine->within the machine list the number of satellites is now updated after the terminal info program is saved.
  • Sam4POS Options->corrected an issue where the Total Text Size and Change Text Size were not being saved from the register.
  • Sam4POS Options->sending options|Multiplication|Limit Qty for Multiplication Sale would send as 0.001 for 1.000. This has been corrected.
  • Sam4POS Options->tested sending to the register.
  • Sam4POS PLU Status Group->added the expired date.
  • Sam4POS Promotion Group->fixed an issue with adding PLUs to the group from the first selection box
  • Sam4POS Promotion->an upper entry area was missing for coupon code - that has been added.
  • Sam4POS Promotion->clicking on the add button would cause an error.
  • Sam4POS Promotion->fixed an issue with creating a sweet deal promo
  • Sam4POS Promotions-> the idItem field was not incrementing correctly. That has been fixed
  • Sam4POS Promotions->fixed an error when adding new promo groups - the priority was not being set correctly.
  • Sam4POS Promotions->fixed an error when adding PLU items to a promo group.
  • Sam4POS Promotions->fixed default settings and max. allowed values on various fields esp. tax settings.
  • Sam4POS Promotions->fixed the entry area for coupon code.
  • Sam4POS Real Key Keyboard->corrected an issue on the raised keyboard where a double wide converted to single keys with PLUs would lose the second key and create a double wide key
  • Sam4POS Real Key Keyboard->corrected an issue where selecting Clear All would cause a 'KeyNumber not found' error.
  • Sam4POS Real Key Keyboard->corrected an issue where selecting Mass PLU Update would cause a 'KeyNumber not found.' error.
  • Sam4POS Real Key Keyboard->disabled modifying the Feed key.
  • Sam4POS Real Key->modified the check for a valid SAP-630 register before entering the form to compare the Store Name with the FTP Import Path in the machine table.
  • Sam4POS RealKey Keyboard->Clear All Keys did not remove the Item ID and Item Type. This has been corrected.
  • Sam4POS RealKey Keyboard->corrected an issue when double, triple and quad keys were not being combined.
  • Sam4POS RealKey Keyboard->enhanced margin of key descriptions after the real keyboard is saved from the terminal.
  • Sam4POS Report Options->removed debug hints placed on the Terminal field.
  • Sam4POS Reports->adjusted the column placements on the PLU and PLU (EOD) reports to prevent the description from overwriting the PLU code.
  • Sam4POS Scripts->corrected an issue where exporting/emailing reports in an XLS format would not contain any data.
  • Sam4POS->added ROM version 2.0.52
  • Sam4POS->added ROM version 2.0.54
  • Sam4POS->added ROM version 2.0.55
  • Sam4POS->added ROM version 2.0.57
  • Sam4POS->added ROM version 2.0.58
  • Sam4POS->added ROM version 2.0.61
  • Sam4POS->added ROM version 2.0.65
  • Sam4POS->added ROM version 2.0.68
  • Sam4POS->fixed the PLU sale import feature. Data can now be imported with and without the PLU's _ID field.
  • Sam4POS->increased field length on FTP dealer id and dealer name fields
  • Sam4s 300 series->For Sam300 registers, remove the Release Command when the ROM version is not a Sterling ROM.
  • Sam4s 900 series->corrected the load default operation for function keys. There is an updated Sam4s900DefaultFuncKeys.txt file.

Sharp Changes:

  • There were no new changes made to the SHARP registers in this build. 


TEC Changes:

  • There were no new changes made to the 1596 or 1650 registers in this build. 



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